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How to Send Money with Zelle on Chime | Guide

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Send Money with Zelle on Chime
A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Send Money with Zelle on Chime

There are tons of apps to help you manage your finances. Today, we’re focusing on two well-known banking apps: Chime and Zelle. The two apps serve different purposes, but both are great tools you can incorporate to handle your finances.

Zelle is for transferring money between banks. Money can be transferred from one bank account to another, or money can be transferred between different people. Chime is different from Zelle. It offers several no-fee banking products, including checking accounts with no minimum balance. In this post, we’ll be discussing how to send money with Zelle on Chime.

How to Add Chime to Zelle

First things first, let’s discuss the steps you have to follow to add Chime to the Zelle banking app. You will also highly benefit from reading Everything You Need to Know: Does Chime work with Zelle?

1. Setup accounts

Before anything, you have to create Chime and Zelle accounts. Both of these companies make it easy to open a new bank account online. Lucky for you, activating an account is so easy.

2. Download mobile apps

Download the Zelle and Chime mobile banking apps. Downloading the apps helps you transfer money instantly.

3. Go with the “Don’t see your bank?’ option

When Zelle asks, “Where do you bank?” You may be tempted to enter Chime. But, as you know, Chime is not a bank. It’s a financial technology company. So you can’t expect it to be on the list of banks in Zelle.

Since Chime is not a bank, click “Don’t see your bank?” Then, new options will be displayed for you to choose from.

5. Enter your Chime Debit Card Information

At this point, you have to provide your debit card details. So type your Chime debit card number, expiration date, and security code. Note that the debit card must be for an active account. The process will not succeed if you use an expired card.

6. Create a password

You need to create a secure online banking password to protect your account from hackers. The password needs to be strong, but also something that you can easily remember from hackers. The password needs to be strong, but also something that you can easily remember. 

Also, keep in mind not to use the same password for your other financial accounts. If your credit card is stolen from a financial institution, you don’t want a hacker to access your other accounts. Otherwise, you can use a password manager to help you organize all your financial websites.

7. Final Step: Click ‘Continue’

Click “Continue,” and that’s it!

If you have problems connecting Chime to Zelle, you can contact their customer support.

The Zelle financial banking platform is open Saturday, Sunday, and daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. E.T. Also, you can get help from a live customer service representative if you call 844-428-8542.

Chime Bank is available to assist you by phone or email. You can reach Chime at 1-844-244-6363 or email the bank’s support team at and request assistance.

Note that both fintech companies do not offer financial services such as money transfers, cashier’s checks, notary services, medallion stamps, gift card sales, transportation, 24/7 check cashing, safe deposit boxes, and third-party cashiering.

How do I send money from Zelle to Chime?

As per federal banking laws, Zelle and Chime must verify the information you provide. Therefore, it may take a few days for your financial accounts to be activated so that companies can verify your identity. Once your accounts are activated, follow these steps to send money from Zelle to Chime:

How to Send Money with Zelle on Chime

Access your Chime Bank account via the app or the official website.
Click “Transfer money.”
Click on “Transfers.”
Enter your calling credentials.
Complete your transaction.

How long does it take to complete transactions when using Chime with Zelle?

Since Chime isn’t a traditional bank, it doesn’t work with Zelle by default. This makes the process slower than transferring money between two traditional banks. It may take a few business days for the money to be transferred from Chime to Zelle.

Another limit is $500 per week. So you can send $100 in cash five times a week, but every seven days the account has to reset the limit.

A traditional bank can transfer thousands of dollars a week between accounts using Zelle. For example, USAA and PNC set a $1,000 limit on money transfers. Wells Fargo and TD Bank have a $2,500 limit, while Bank of America allows transfers of $3,500 within seven days.

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Wrapping up

There you go! Now you know how to send money with Zelle on Chime. It is easy if you follow the steps we mentioned. Once you connect the two accounts, it’s simple to use Zelle to send money to your Chime account. Always make sure you know to whom you’re sending money by checking the recipient’s contact information and monitoring your account activity for unauthorized Zelle payments.

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